Monday, July 28, 2014

Quick Post!

Real life is still keeping me on the run, but I thought I should actually make a "release day, yay!" post, so, uh, here it is....

The Last Thing He Needs went live today on DSP, AllRomance, Amazon, and B&N! *cheers*

But! For a few more hours, A Simple Romance (along with reads by Tara Lain and Susan MacNicol) will be on sale at DSP for under a buck, so, ya know, spread the word for almost-freebies. There are a few days left of those special sales--three a day--so keep an eye on Dreamspinner's website. :D

I hope everyone out there is doing well and getting some rest this summer. We're heading to the mountains for some much needed relief from the heat!


  1. Just discovered your books. LOVE! Your characters are wonderfully three demensional and the storylines are unique and well-written. Very much enjoyed The Last Thing He Needs and looking forward to your next book! Hopefully the story behind Ben and younger man!

    1. Hi Kathy!

      I'm so glad you enjoyed The Last Thing He Needs. And, lol, Ben and Gavin have been poking my brain a little, so we'll probably hear something from them at some point.

      Thank you for stopping in over here! =)

  2. I hope you are enjoying your camping! Just wanted to say THANKS for the newest book The Last Thing He Needs and congratulations on it's great success. It's been number one at Amazon for almost a week and all the M/M romance readers at GoodReads are doing some serious fangirling. Even the boys! We're having a blast with it and all want our own Tommys and Bobbys.

    Enjoy the rest of the summer!

    1. Oh, wow, thank you! It makes my day when I hear that people are loving those boys as much I do.

      And, our camping trip was great! We cut it short by a day, but we had a blast. I hope you're heading into a fabulous weekend. :)